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Les Articles du site

Le patch 280.32 est arrivé
Catégorie : Patch et Plugin. 04/01/2014. Posteur : Monos.
Vous pouvez faire une mise à jour de votre logiciel. Le patch 280.32 est téléchargeable automatique via Fusion 2.5.

En gros :
De nouvelle option pour le plugin android.
Le crash d'édition dans l'éditeur d'expression semble corrigé.
Beaucoup de correction de bug pour le HTML5 et Android.

Si vous n'avez pas coché l'option de mise à jour automatique, allez dans le menu d'aide, recherche de mise à jour.

Bug fixes in 280.32:

The Android exporter was broken in the build 280.31. Also new features were missing in the Android object. Not sure which ones have been published, here is a list of the recent new features of this object:

- new "Open menu via action" action
- new "Show/Dim/Hide navigation bar" actions (different from the "Show/Hide action bar" actions)
- new "Disable/Enable hardware keys" actions
- new "Save Screenshot to file" action

No change in the other exporters nor in the editor.

Bug fixes in 280.31:

- Editor: crash when you change the number of colors of an application
- HTML5: Applications now load under IE11, IE10, IE9, Chrome from version 14.0 to 33, Firefox from version 4.0 to 27.0, Opera versions 15 to 19, Safari 5 and 6, iPhone 5 to 3GS, most modern Android devices (not the ones with a screen size of 320x200)
- HTML5: Counters higher than the default integer limit were set to a very low number
- HTML5: Sub-Application Object made the application crash
- HTML5: Crash in Physics engine on certain occasions
- All runtimes, Ground object : crash at start of frame if you have 2 different Ground objects or more in the frame at the same time
- Android: Joystick: now the control size react to the density of each devices scaling from 0.75 to 2.0
- Android: fix in orientation
- Android: case issue in loop names
- Android: List and Combo now react to "Use system font in text object" and system color
- Android: Button (checkbox) now reacts to background, transparent and text colors
- Android: INI object, item and group names are converted to lowercase to avoid integer parsing issues
- Android: fixes in LeadBolt object
- Android: fixes in Edit object

Bug fixes in 280.30:

- Build 280.29 - LoadOnCall objects not loaded
- Picture editor: pressing RETURN while importing an image in the picture editor was opening a second picture editor
- Picture editor: in zoom mode when you click at a negative position to set the hot spot, it's incorrectly positionned to the bottom-right by one pixel
- Graphic filters : crash when you import top-down BMP files
- Event editor : scrolling position was shifted up when going back and from the frame editor
- Event editor : deleting large chunks of code at the end of the program rendered the editor blank, forcing you to scroll up to get back to the program
- Event Editor : scrolling was impossible in certain situations with a small program of events
- Event editor : object lists could become randomly empty
- Event list editor : dragging object icons on other object icons of certain objects, like the String parser, put the dragged object at the wrong position in the event
- Event List editor : a true condition put at second position (displayed in bold / red) in an event induced a bad display of the rest of the event
- Event List editor : a true condition put at second place in an event made the actions being displayed in bold
- Event List editor : crash when you paste a condition while the New Action dialog box is open
- Expression editor : pressing OK quickly after type a new expression sometimes did not register the changes
- Expression editor, editing a behavior or a global event : choosing an expression in the IMPORT tab of the objects had unpredicted results, from BAD OBJECTS to crash
- Expression editor : random crash when you display certain expression editors after displaying others
- Windows Runtime : crash when a frame has a Physics Engine object and backdrop objects with the Load On Call option
- Windows Runtime : EditBox, ListBox, ComboBox objects couldn't save text files in Windows stand-alone apps
- Datagrid object : crash when you load MMF 2.0 apps
- All movements : new property "Extended collisions"
- Physics Engine object : Create revolute joint at position : the expression editor for entering X and Y position did not have a title
- Physics Rope and Chain, Particle with Multiple Touch, Windows : crash when clicking on the frame
- Physics Rope and Chain / Particules : Collision with object now works with qualifiers
- Physics movements : Set angle just after a Create Object immediately changes the angle of the object (the initial image of the object was displayed during one frame)
- Physics movements : Set X and Y position just after a Create Object immediately changes the position of the object (the object was displayed at its initial position during one frame)
- Physics Spring movement : the STOP action is now hilighted in the event editor, and stops the spring from working
- Physics Platform movement : when falling on the ground after a jump, one image of the jumping animation was briefly displayed when the object reached the ground
- Physics Particle object : crash when particles had a negative zoom factor and a set destroy distance
- Physics movements: Apply Linear Impulse stopped the current movement of the object to redirect it in the direction of the impulse
- Physics Bouncing ball movement : Stop action had no effect
- Physics Bouncing ball movement : Setting the speed of the object to 0 no longer changes its direction
- Physics Bouncing Ball movement : Setting the speed of a stopped object to a non-0 value makes it move in the last direction it was moving
- Physics 8 Directions movement : deceleration at maximum did not stop the object instantly
- HTML5 / Clock object : the font in digital mode was not properly drawn
- HTML5 / Clock object : digital mode, 12 hours display, AM was not displayed
- HTML5 / Clock object : digital mode, if the date changed while the application is running, it was not displayed
- HTML5 : on some occasions, fast loops only did one loop
- HTML5, Physics Platform movement : a double jump was possible (even if disabled in the properties) if you were jumping from a ground which shape was defined by the ground object
- HTML5, Physics Platform movement : walking on slopes displayed the falling animation
- HTML5, Physics Axial movement : Set Y coordinate made the object disappear
- HTML5, Physics Race Car movement : Set angle did not work
- HTML5, Physics Space ship movement : the power of the thruster was a lot inferior to the power of the Windows version
- HTML5, Rope and Chain object : Attach to current element did not work
Le 04/01/2014 par : graboide
si je dit pas de conneries ca fais un petit moment que le patch .32 est sortie, il est installer chez depuis pratiquement une semaine ^^
Le 04/01/2014 par : Monos
Jeudi matin quand j'ai testé sur une version non patché et non steam j'ai rien eu. Pour ça.
Et rien n'était annoncé. Comme je tourne toujours sur les bêtas je ne peux pas trop savoir.
Le 16/02/2014 par : Dany66

on en est à la version #build 281.32

Amicalement, dany
Le 16/02/2014 par : Monos
Oui. Je l'avais annoncé sur le forum mais pas sur le site. Juste fait la mise à jour des numéros.
Le 16/02/2014 par : Monos
heu non, 281.2 tu veux dire.
Le 21/02/2014 par : Dany66
Exact :o))
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