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Création de niveaux dans un jeu
par Poum
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Re : Réaliser et coloriser un sprite pixel art.
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Re : Réaliser et coloriser un sprite pixel art.
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Le patch 284.9 est dans les bacs !
Catégorie : Patch et Plugin. 25/05/2015. Posteur : Monos.
Mise à jour : Le patch est passé rapidement en version 284.9

Enfin le voila pour tous le monde. Clickteam fusion 2.5 passe en build 284.8 avec son lot de correction de bug, et des nouveautés.

Pour la partie nouveauté, la version lite du module HTML5 intègre la version standard et Développer. Vous n'avez plus besoin d'avoir le version Free de CTF pour utiliser du HTML5. Ceci dit si vous avez le module HTML complet, ça ne change rien pour vous.

Il y a eu une optimisation des runtimes.

Nouvelle condition qui permet de tester si l'application tourne sur Windows/mac/SWF/Android/iOS/Html5 et XNA. Cela peut simplifier la vie pour la gestion de condition suivant le support d'exportation.

Pour télécharger le patch,
Dans le logiciel : Aide/Recherche de mise à jour.
Sur le site officiel : Forum/Product Owner's Lounge/Owner's Lounge: Fusion 2.5/Download links
(Un compte et l'enregistrement de votre produit sur le forum doit être accomplie)

Pour les possesseurs de CF sur steam cela doit se faire automatiquement. Les patchs en mode manuel ne fonctionne pas sur cette version.

Voici donc le patch note de cette build. (En anglais)

Build 284.8 - Change log

- UI: information boxes not large enough in some cases in the status bar
- UI: didn't support long click as right click on touch screens
- UI: new "Extension Manager" command in the View menu for direct access to the Extension Manager
- UI: Import/Export toolbar settings didn't work unless CF is executed as administrator
- Build: the format of applications has been modified
- CF could crash when building applications (or applications could crash at runtime) in certain cases if they contain expressions not used on the target platform
- Storyboard editor: crash if you select a frame and right click while pressing ALT.
- Frame editor: crash if the frame contains a Physics Engine object and you do a Try Movement for an object with a non-physical movement
- Event editor: the Open all groups / Close all groups commands are now also in the main menu so that you can add shortcuts
- Event List editor / Print Preview: the object icons were too small
- Expression editor: when a number is greater than 2147483647 it's converted to double-precision value (it was 2147483646 before, for an unknown reason)
- Picture editor: you couldn't import images with alpha channel in simple list editors (counters, some extensions, etc)
- Picture editor: when you switch between directions or animations the lower speed value was set to a wrong value if the lower speed of the new direction was higher than the higher speed of the old direction.
- Application icon editor: new "Copy to other resolutions" command in the frame context menu, allows you to import a single icon image and then automatically create the other images.
- Object properties: crash if you set a bad name to an alterable value and try to rename it without closing the alert message
- Data Elements editor: when you replace a sound with the same name and different data the name was modified in some cases.
- Default exporters: the limited HTML5 exporter of the free version of CF 2.5 is now also in the full version of CF 2.5 (unless the full version of the exporter is already installed). The limitations are the same (3 frames, 100 backdrop objects, 30 active objects or extensions, 150 events, no global events of behaviors).
- Debugger: new option in the preferences of the event editor, "Debugger / Remember objects from last session". In CF 2.5 the object list is saved when you exit an application, and restored when you restart it. This option allows you to deactivate this behavior.

All runtimes
- New "Running as Windows/Android/iOS/Html5/etc application" condition and "Runtime name" expression. Allows you to perform different actions on various platforms.
- All the runtimes have been optimized, especially in global and alterable values and comparison functions, as well as the get/set loop index functions
- Physics: the Apply Impulse function as been modified so that it depends on the mass and behaves the same in all the runtimes. Sorry in advance if this forces you to makes changes in your applications, but this change was necessary.
- Multiple Touch object: "Touch N is active on object O" was selecting all the instances of object O instead of the touched object only.
- "X chances out of Y" was false when X was greater than Y
- Repeat Actions is not limited anymore
- Restrict Actions wouldn't work anymore above 11 minutes

Various platforms
- Particle object: the Destroy Particle actions could cause crashes.
- String Tokenizer object: crash when you ask for the number of elements (2D) before a string is passed to the object.
- Presentation movement: malfunctionning or crash if several objects have a presentation movement and one of them is deleted.

Windows runtime
All the fixes and new features in the "All runtimes" section above plus:

- Rounding issue in Set/Get Font Size functions.
- Applications without caption couldn't be minimized.
- Active System Box object: didn't work correctly in Button mode if the Resize display option was selected.
- Clickteam Movement Controller: fixed an issue with negative fixed values.
- This build could fix some random jittering on some machines in Vsync mode
- Crash if you use a shader that uses textures in a backdrop object.
- Fix in Every condition (precision errors in CF 2.5 since the build 281)
- The Compare Fixed Value condition is now optimized if the parameter is a global value.
- Precision errors in Mouse On Object condition with scaled & rotated objects
- "Load on call" was ignored for objects with the "Create at start" option unchekced
- VRAM usage has been optimized
- Memory leak if you try to retrieve a parameter that doesn't exist in the command line
- File object: the filter string was limited to 300 characters
- File object: "Get default filter" renamed to "Get selected filter" (as it can be used to retrieve the filter selected by the user in a Save dialog).
- Rich edit object: the change made in the build 283.5 has been canceled. The Set Text function has been renamed to "Append text" (old behavior, to avoid breaking existing apps) and a new "Set Text" function has been added. Sorry for the inconvenience if you have already modified your applications in the meantime.
- Rich Edit object: Get RTF Text was broken.
- String object: fixed a slowdown issue in the Windows runtime.
- Sub-application object: set width and set height functions now work.
- Create Object Relatively to a Parent object: the object was created (at random, undetermined coordinates) even if the parent didn't exist.
- Speech Bubble object: ported to Unicode, use the Extension manager to update it.
- String Tokenizer object: ported to Unicode, use the Extension manager to update it.
- Extensions: the hook function for extensions didn't work in subapps.

Android runtime
All the fixes and new features in the "All runtimes" section above plus:

- The SDK directory is now automatically detected if Android Studio is installed.
- New property that allows you to retrieve the number of the newest API installed in your SDK folder
- AdMob / Google Play Services: the runtime is no longer linked with Google Play Services unless the application uses the AdMob object. This results in faster build times.
This also implies changes if you use the AdMob object: the AdMob properties have been moved from the application and frame to the AdMob object.
If your application uses AdMob you have to put an AdMob object into frames you display ads in and update its properties.
This also allows you to use multiple AdMob IDs and gives more flexibility. AdMob now also checks at runtime if Google Play is installed and warns the user if necessary.
- AdMob: now requires Android API #10 to be installed (additionnally to the build API), so please check with the Android SDK Manager if this API is installed if you use the Admob object.
- AdMob: fixed a problem when in one frame ads were "displayed overframe" and not in another one.
- AndroidObbMaker: now applications can handle as many videos and pictures as needed. Note: this object is available separately, it's not installed by the patch.
- ChartBoost Object: updated to latest SDK and ported to iOS (in progress).
- Active Backdrop: fixed a performance issue.
- Active Picture: faster expressions.
- Button Object: Font size.
- Chartboost updated to newest library
- Create Object: the Action point was not correctly set when the object was created.
- Camera Object: if the user hasn't set the album name, the application name is used.
- Checkbox Buttons: fixed Uncheck action.
- Combobox Object: now resizes better accordingly to the screen size and device.
- Combobox Object: fixed a problem due to Java 8.
- Dialog: fonts are now smaller to fit in all devices.
- Edit object: crash on old devices (lower than Android 3.0)
- FIRETV Object: internal changes for future object.
- Get Object: if the charset is not detected from the server, the text is translated to iso-8559-1. If the block of data has charset information it's tranlated to it.
- Google InApp: added a protection for a variable.
- INI Object: now uses UTF-8 characters if UTF-8 is checked in the object's properties.
- INI Object: modified INI objects are now saved to disk only once per loop.
- InAndOut Movement: now works correctly.
- Layer Object: background objects created at runtime did not correctly scroll.
- List Object: now behaves exactly like Windows.
- List object: if the "hide at start" option is selected, the control is not created until you show it. This allow you to use this object as simple internal list without any display handling.
- List object: bug in Delete Line action
- Physics Object: fixed a crash when destroying objects, also the mass was not correctly returned in expression.
- Radio Buttons: fixes.
- String Object: fixed Flash Text.
- String Parser: updated.
- Runtime: Read Text now detects the type of file (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF16LE, UTF16BE, or other).
- Runtime: new code for OpenGL Context, hopefully context problems are gone, please test with the MALI GPU.
- Runtime: heap size is now only set for Android version 11 and beyond.
- Menu: added detection for software menu button in action bar.
- Sounds: the sound routines have been improved.
- The angles were sometimes converted to integer values, resulting in poor precision.
- Incorrect values returned by the Random function for parameters above 32767 (note: the maximum value is 65535).
- Set Position relative to Action Point was bugged
- fix in Set Layer Position
- corrected sound issue after return from pause/ads
- corrected gap between Motif Quickbackdrop objects of certain sizes

HTML5 runtime
All the fixes and new features in the "All runtimes" section above plus:

- New "Transparent Background" option in the Frame properties.
- New "Generate a single source file" option. This option allows to avoid issues like for example when several apps are used in the same page.
This option is ON by default. If it causes any issue in your application please turn it off and send us a report.
- Invader movement causing crash
- Physics Particles crashed apps
- Graphic font rounding issue on Safari
- Bug in Background System Box object
- Apps would not refocus or un-pause if in an IFrame and user clicks elsewhere on parent page.
- Calculate Rectangle object: fix.
- List object: fix for whitespace removal on string expression
- "Follow the frame" option didn't work in Active System Box object.
- The Hot Spot was not correctly positionned in small images rotated and resized to a big size
- Pick object conditions not working correctly
- Tweaked positioning of Radio Button Elements to better match Windows counterpart for selection spacing and label alignment
- Fixed a potential issue where 'document.write' would overwrite the entire pages content in Internet Explorer.

iOS runtime
All the fixes and new features in the "All runtimes" section above plus:

- The application iPhone icon has been resized to 180x180 and there are 2 new iPhone launch images for iPhone6.
When you load your application make sure these images are corect (CF 2.5 tries to automatically create them from existing images
but as their size is quite different you'll certainly have to modify them).
- Added the iOS version of Chartboost (ps: you need to manually add the Chartboost framework if you want to use the extension, refer to the Chartboost post in the forum)
- Improved iOS6 compatibility
- Big frame load time optimization.
- Fixed rare internal memory issue.
- Fixes in collision/click detections in moved layers
- Fix in Set Layer Position
- Problem in Set Position on layers with scrolling coefficients different from 1
- The Set Effect action was broken.
- Active Picture: Now un-premultiplies loaded images with alpha channels to avoid a dark 'shadow' on semitransparent areas of the image.
- Active System Box: possible crash when the object is deleted.
- Active System Box: random problems for that have a tooltip text defined in their settings
- Box2D Particles and Rope&Chain was using non-scroll adjusted coordinates.
- Create Object Relatively to a Parent object: the object was created (at random, undetermined coordinates) even if the parent didn't exist.
- Date & Time: Optimized drawing a bit and fixed not updating after setting the size at runtime.
- Date & Time: Display issue in digital clock
- Fixed edit box, iOS single and multi-line edit box ‘Set background color’ actions (colors were inverted).
- Edit object: Set Text Color not working
- iAD now supports landscape ads again.
- INI: Having the same file open in multiple places (for example subapps) now carries over any changes instantly so it works exactly like on the PC version. It is now useful for carrying over information from subapps to the main app or vice-versa.
- Fixed ‘is overlapping’ condition on scrolled layers with a different scroll coefficient than 1.
- iOS button: Fixed setting button title for all button states.
- Quick backdrop: Tweaked how it draws tiled images. Images should get less blurrier now.
- Screen Zoom object: compilation issue when used in the same frame as a physics engine object
- String Tokenizer: Now ignores Windows 'r' carriage return characters in newline characters to support input from all sources.
- String Tokenizer: the X and Y delimiters were exchanged in the Split String 2D action.
- String Tokenizer: bug in Get Element (2D) expression.
- Sub-application: clipping issue on scrolling layers.

SWF runtime
All the fixes and new features in the "All runtimes" section above plus:

- New "Generate HTML file" option. Unselect it if you don't want CF to modify your HTML file.
- The angles were sometimes converted to integer values, resulting in poor precision.
- The timer was not correctly reset at start of frame.
- The frame rate was not correctly set for physics calculations.
- The ObjectMover object was not included in this exporter.
- Modified INI objects are now saved to disk only once per loop
- Blend coefficient had not the same effect as on the other platforms
- Fix in layer positions

Le 25/05/2015 par : Monos
Le patch est passé rapidement en version 284.9
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